The So Lite Scooter - the only mobility scooter that's easy to transport but nearly impossible to tip over.

Are you one of millions of older Americans that struggle with mobility on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you love to go shopping with friends or walk in the park with your grandkids?

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Safety first…and 2nd, and 3rd…

With more than half a dozen inspired safety features on this small, compact unit, you may assume that safety is paramount here (right, again), starting with the innovative anti-tip technology and all-important Electronic Stability Control. ESC is an automatic slow-down that prevents tipover on turns.

The easy maneuverability of a small scooter and the added stability of four wheels are safety features in themselves, but add to those the automatic electromagnetic brakes, “coming-thru-here” horn, powerful headlight, and a speed control function that’s much like a car’s cruise control. You can preset the top speed anywhere within a range of 0-to-5 mph – a helpful feature as you accustom yourself to your Scooter or undertake longer rides!

Speed Adjustment Dial

Charge Battery Through Steering Column

Anti-Tip Wheels

Throttle Lever

Powerful Headlight

Horn Button

Easy-Breezy Travel & Transport

At around 40 lbs. without battery, the So Lite Scooter is a good deal lighter than many traditional models, making it easier to handle and more convenient to transport. There’s no breaking it down and reassembling – it folds up in seconds, ready for back seat, car trunk, airplane travel or quick-and-easy storage. Driving it is a breeze, too… What a feeling of freedom!

What else to look for? Comfort and Convenience, of course!

No shortcuts here. Thick, padded cushions where you want them, support where you need it, controls and gauges where you expect them, extra perks all around (two removable carry bags plus a storage basket, washable seat cover, mud guard). There’s an easy key-switch start, a convenient thumb control for forward or reverse, and an airplane-safe lithium battery that can be charged on- or off-board.

Padded Seat and Back Cushions

Controls and Gauges

Removable Carry Bags and Storage Basket


Forward/Reverse Control

Lithium Battery

Why spend another day struggling with a heavy, difficult to maneuver scooter?

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