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So Lite Scooter Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the So Lite Scooter Right for Me?

The So Lite Scooter is a revolution in scooter design. It’s ultra lightweight frame makes it easier to transport. Take that innovative lightweight design and add an industry-leading list of safety and comfort features and you’ve got a scooter package worthy of leading the pack.

We built the So Lite Glide with safety in mind. It has an electronic stability control feature along with anti-tipping wheels to prevent tipping backward.

We’ve designed the So Lite Scooter specifically to be ultra lightweight. Fully assembled and ready to go, the So Lite Scooter weighs in at 44.5 pounds (with battery).

The So Lite Scooter easily folds down to a reasonable 39″ L x 21″ W x 17″ H making it perfect for sliding into a back seat or trunk of most vehicles.

The So Lite Scooter is capable of supporting a person weighing up to 275 lbs.

Using Your So Lite Scooter

The So Lite Scooter is quick and easy to assemble using the following steps:

  1. Unfold Scooter – To unfold the scooter first sit the scooter with all wheels on the ground. Loosen off the tiller adjuster knob and lift the tiller into drive position. Re-tighten tiller adjuster knob making sure that it has securely tightened the tiller into position.
  2. Unfold the seat – To unfold the seat, simply lift up the seatback into the driving position. You should hear and feel the fold knob click into the lock position. Check that the seat fold knob has clicked into position. (The fold knob is positioned on the left-hand side of the scooter.)

Yes! It’s specifically designed to be incredibly easy to fold which makes the So Lite Scooter a breeze to transport wherever you may need to go or store as needed.

The So Lite Scooter features electronic brakes that will automatically engage when your scooter comes to a stop.

Folding the So Lite Scooter is so simple! Just pull out the fold knob and at the same time gently lower the seatback down into its folded position. Once the seatback is folded, loosen the tiller adjuster knob and gently lower the tiller into the folded position. Then re-tighten the tiller knob to hold the tiller into position.

Buying Your So Lite Scooter

The So Lite Scooter is an incredible value priced at $2,199.00, showcasing many features as standard that competitors charge extra for as “options”.

The So Lite Scooter is available in 3 color options: blue, gray and red.

Charging & Battery

The Scooter’s battery can easily be charged by plugging directly into a port on the handle bars. No removal of battery required (although, if you prefer, you can remove the battery to charge it).

Depending upon usage (travel speed, user weight, etc.) the So Lite Scooter’s battery will last up to 8 miles of use.

Charging can take up 12 hours or less depending on the level of power already used. With a range of up to 8 miles, most owners rarely run the battery all the way down in a single day.

The short answer is it depends on usage and conditions. The battery on average lasts for several years for many of our customers.

The Scooter’s battery weighs approximately 4 pounds.

Customer Support

The So Lite Scooter frame and mechanical components are covered with a one-year limited warranty. The originally supplied tires and fabric seat are covered with a limited warranty for 6 months. You can find out more information about the warranty in the User Manual & Warranty package.

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The So Lite Scooter may be returned within 30 days of delivery. There is no restocking fee, however, unless your So Lite Scooter is damaged or defective you will be required to pay for return shipping. Prior to returning your So Lite Scooter, you will need to obtain a return authorization from our customer service department by calling 800-958-8324.

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