It's not a Walker, it’s not a Rollator... It's the So Lite Glide!

Traditional rollators and walkers simply aren’t designed well. If you’ve ever watched someone shuffling along bent over an old-fashioned standard walker, the advantages of a So Lite™ Glide quickly become obvious. No more painful “Stoop & Shuffle”!

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The Glide helps you walk the way you’ve always walked: Upright rather than bent over, facing ahead rather than looking down. This is a safer, more natural walk, one that allows better visibility, encourages personal pride and seriously reduces bad posture and backache. With the Glide upright walker, you’ll feel better physically… and feel better about yourself.

Because its design, construction and mission focus so clearly on solving safety concerns, the Glide is the perfect mobility aid for the infirm, the injured and the aging. So many of its features zero in on safety, including always-accessible and lockable handbrakes, non-skid wheels, front and rear reflectors – and, of course, the already-noted increased visibility. Most importantly, the Glide is created from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum for stability and easy portability.

Comfort and Convenience, from Easy-Grip Handles to One-Button Adjustment to Seat & Backrest

Comfort is crucial, too, thus the large seat, and strong, adjustable backrest, the padded armrests, the greater width that allows the user to actually step in and participate more fully in the “glide”, and the easy adjustability to user size and preference. There’s 10 inches of height adjustment, from 34.75″ to 44.75″ (height range 4’10” – 6’3″) allowing for larger range of adjustment than many other upright walkers can offer.

Ease of use is another essential, of course. That’s why there’s an easy and convenient one-button height control adjustment to attain the height you need–no screws to turn, no knobs to protrude, nothing to remove or get lost. The sit-to-stand handles make standing up easier after you’ve been seated and resting. There’s a one-touch rear leg that folds for easy transport and storage.

Large Seat, and Strong, Adjustable Backrest

So Lite Glide with Large Seat and Adjustable Backrest

Padded Armrests

So Lite Glide Padded Armrests

Greater Seat Width

So Lite Glide Wider Seat Width

Easy Adjustability to User Size and Preference

So Lite Easy Adjustability to User Size and Preference

Easy and Convenient One-Button Height Control Adjustment

So Lite Glide Easy One button Height Control Adjustment

Sit-to-Stand Handles Make Standing Up Easier

So Lite Glide Sit-To-Stand Handles

Why spend another day hunched over a difficult to maneuver walker or rollator?

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